Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Through Trees and Leaves 2)

This week’s photo challenge is Shine.

I like photographing against the light; in particular I like photographing trees and leaves against in coming light.

If the camera is set as Automatic, this usually poses a problem as the light sensor will sense there is strong light and the aperture will automatically reduce, giving a picture which is too dark.cimg2570

I intend to upload a series of photos which has been shot against the light.

Here is a photo shot in the HungLuo Temple of Beijing a few years back.

Please enjoy!

Sunday Stills Challenge: Trees / Fall Leaves (2)

My last post shows the gold / yellow / orange foliage at Hong Luo (Red Snail) Temple at Beijing.

A couple of blogging friends requested to view pictures showing the snail stone carving in more detail.

Near the main entrance of the temple, there are a pair of big red snails Рmade from concrete and colored red.DSCF2544A

I rather like the stone carved snails. In this picture, you will see some carved snails, some on top of the parapet posts. In the background, again, there are foliage leaves of various colors; although they are not the main subject in focus.DSCF2546

Also shown above is a picture of more foliage leaves and stone carved snails at the temple.

Please enjoy !