Benches (B&W n Color)

There is something very inviting about benches. No matter where you are, in all kinds of settings – sometimes tranquil, sometimes crowded, sometimes lonely – they call out to us to sit for a while, rest, and enjoy the view. Whether that view is out over the sea, across a green meadow, or even onto a simple garden, benches make for the perfect place to break up a peaceful stroll, morning, noon or evening.DSCF0505B

While on Hvar island, Croatia, one of the things we liked to do was to sit on benches by the sea, gazing out to the deep blue Adriatic sea, watching the tides coming in and out. Sometimes, it was just staring into emptiness, thinking of nothing and sometimes, watching the yachts coming into the harbor or gazing at small fishing boats bobbing in the sea. . . . . . sweetly doing nothing.DSCF0505A

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of the Adriatic Sea )

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is Edge.

I came closest to the Adriatic sea when I traveled on Hvar Island, Croatia.dscf0610

Strolling round the edges of the island everyday was my favorite pastime.

I have never seen a sea that blue and water so clear and azure.

Gazing out to the sea gave me the serenity.dscf0472

The coastline with the local trees was so picturesque.

The weather was good with plenty of sunshine – an ideal place for a photographer.dscf0474

Here are some photos taken of the edges of the island.

Invariably, they have beautiful trees and plants complementing the beautiful coast.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( at the Hvar Harbor)

I managed to get up early when staying at the island of Hvar, Croatia.

I slipped out of the hotel when everybody were still sleeping.DSCF0532

The harbor looked deserted; not a soul was in sight.

The harbor I saw yesterday was full of tourists, fishermen and locals.DSCF0534

The whole harbor now seems to belong to me.

I have a walk about the harbor, feeling refreshed.DSCF0531

The view was so different from yesterday.

I was grateful that I have been given another fresh and good day on this wonderful island.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

The challenge from the Daily Post this week is Minimalist.

I like photos which are simple but beautiful.

The first photo came to mind was a picture taken on the Eastern extremity of Hvar Island in Croatia.DSCF0667A

We were at the seaside, waiting for the car ferry which took us from the enchanting Hvar Island to the picturesque medieval town of Dubrovnik.

It was still early in the morning. What I can see was a clear blue sea, blue mountain, blue sky and pebbles on the shore which also looked blue.

To me, this is Minimalist!