Weekly photo Challenge: Ornate ( Ice Carving )

Taking landscape pictures is my favorite hobby.

As such, I don’t have many close ups or pictures illustrating Ornate.11008633_1044598382223968_6320878186644004250_n

Here is one showing ice carving at Sapporo.

Colored light fell on the ice carvings; making them “ornate”.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral (Harbin 3)

< 3 Photos>

Here are 3 more photos taken at the annual Harbin ice festival in China.10991395_1044598332223973_5568570663532526111_n

They are ephemeral in the sense that the ice will melt and the sculptures disappear with the onset of warmer weather.10592725_1044598222223984_6039106221445690858_n

The previous two posts on this subject have aroused the interest of quite a few readers, I am therefore posting these last three photos which my classmate YM Chan have taken.10991278_1044598282223978_1049620705424149884_n

Do they remind you of Christmas?

Please enjoy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral ( Harbin 2)

< 2 Photos>

My first post on the ice carving seems to be well received.

Here are two more photos showing ice carvings.

In Harbin, China there is a ice carving festival which took place each year.10649518_1044598295557310_4412714127184489347_n

The exhibits are becoming more awesome each year.10997372_1044598495557290_6389248438027603653_n

The pictures, taken by my classmate YM Chan, will give you a scale of things.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

This week’s photo challenge is Ephemeral.

Not quite sure what Ephemeral means – something that last for a short time?

The image is part of an ice carving exhibition in Harbin, China.10426134_1044598345557305_3519087764837831658_n

Surely, the carving will melt with time.

The photo was taken by my classmate YM Chan.