Weekly photo Challenge: Local ( Sai Kung )

This week’s photo challenge is Local.

One of the places I visit several times a year is known as Sai Kung on the Eastern side of the New Territories of Hong Kong.cimg2974

My photos will not do the place justice, as I concentrate my photos on scenery instead of people and street live which are all the more interesting.cimg2975

This is a small fishing town.  Recently, it has become more popular with locals and tourists as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is well known for its seafood and many seafood restaurants line the seafront forming a Seafood Street. Some sampans for selling live fishes and shrimps / lobsters are berthed against the seawalls. It is fun watching them selling the sea creatures.dscf2070

Besides seafood, visitors can charter boats for snorkeling, scuba diving or just swimming at the beaches at the nearby islands. My photo show some of the distant view of islands.dscf2063

There are several piers there where you can embark / disembark on boats which bring you to some of the nearby islands. One of my pictures shows the pier.dscf2068

You can easily spend more than half a day out there!

Three Islands

I always find it pleasing to gaze out the sea with a few islands dotting on the horizon.

These three islands in Langkawi certainly appeal to me.

They are all irregularly shaped.dsc_0338

I wondered for a while why they looked so different when they are at a small distance apart from each other, sharing the same environment.

I can only thank God for their creation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected ( Shinkoku)

Up on a hill we saw this panoramic view while in Shinkoku.

In the foreground is a suspension bridge. The structures run for miles and miles, connecting many islands, almost stretching to infinity.DSCF0390

The type of structures also change from suspension bridge to cable stayed bridges.

It is a big engineering feat and connects so many places and people!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day ( Hvar Island)

Never will I forget the good days I have on Hvar Island, Croatia.

It was always sunny. You always see the blue sky and wherever you look, there is the enchanting deep blue Adriatic sea.

On a good day, we hiked up to the Spanish Fortress. There were a lot to see and photograph even before we reached the fortress.DSCF0562

Overlooking from the fortress, there was a panoramic view in front of us.

Gazing downward, the city center on Hvar was just like a toy city. Further out, there was a string of green islands.

It was one of the best views I ever had!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature (Koh Samui)

< 2 photos >

Here are two photos which show limestone in layers are raised up above the sea levels.DSC_0642

They now appear as islands, with stratified rock layers.DSC_0643

These islands have been subject to the action of wind, waves and tidal currents too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge ( at Koh Samui)

Here is a splendid view.

While travelling on a speed boat, touring the pristine waters near Koh Samui in Thailand, the bow waves and the clouds seem to converge towards the islands.DSC_0663

This is convergence in the natural environment.

Please enjoy!