Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle ( Blue Mosque)

The Blue Mosque and other similar construction have made use of domes/ arches spanning in different directions creating a huge space below for the congregation of worshipers.

This is quite unlike the churches in Europe where cathedrals usually adopted narrow and steep arches limiting the space below.CIMG0412A

The Blue mosque thus show multiple circles on the roof which are really awesome.

In the first picture, I have attempted to give it a blue tone – so in my imagination, it is literally a blue mosques.CIMG0412

I have also uploaded the original picture for comparison.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic ( Basilica Cistern)

This is not to be missed if you are in Istanbul, Turkey.

Not too far from Hagia Sophia is the Basilica Cistern. One of the largest of the several hundred underground cisterns in the area.CIMG0605

I was happy to capture this monochromatic photo in the cistern using a compact camera without resorting to tripod.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half (Sea)

The DP’s theme for this week is Half and Half.

Photographers talk about the rule of thirds.

Taking pictures half / half is usually not recommended.

This week, I will be sharing pictures which are half / half.CIMG0578

The picture was taken in Bosporus, Istanbul Turkey.

We were heading back towards Istanbul on a vessel when the sun was setting, exerting its last rays of light before the whole sky darkened.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth (under the Turkish Sky)

The sun was exerting its last rays of sunlight as our cruise of the Bosporus almost ended when approaching Istanbul.

Against the sky was the silhouette of Istanbul in all its beauty.CIMG0602

The spires of the mosques were the most noticeable features in the whole skyline.

The clouds in the sky ensured that the warmth of the day was still there to stay.

Yes, warmth was all around!

Positive Living from Negatives

Someone says:

Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room. So if you see darkness in your life be reassured that a beautiful picture is being prepared.

Sometimes, negatives are as good looking as the original picture.DSC_0119B

The beautiful negative above is based on an image of the beach, palms, sky, islands etc. taken in Langkawi.

It looks like the sun is setting and the sky is glowed with orange.DSC_0119

The original picture is also shown.CIMG0404B

The negative of a mosque in Istanbul is also shown. It looks mysteriously blue.CIMG0404

The original is also depicted.

In my view, negatives can be as beautiful as originals.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Window (2)

The beauty of the windows at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul in Turkey is beyond description.


I can’t refrain myself from further posting on this Challenge!

On a completely different scale, different culture and setting, I am also showing the view outside a Chinese window in West Lake.CIMG1124

Please enjoy 🙂