Koh Samui – Islands Hopping

There are many aspects of Koh Samui that entice us. The best ones include its stunning beauty, peaceful atmosphere, views of lovely seas, water sports, white sandy beaches, warmth of the native people. While we didn’t mind staying all week on Koh Samui, we decided to venture out to the other islands, only to discover that they are in no way less beautiful than Koh Samui itself.

We took a speed boat to the Marine Park and were impressed by the very calm and clear water.

The speed boat raced out to the open sea and suddenly accelerated and veered to one side. Our hearts went throbbing and nearly fell out. The boatman was laughing;  he was  trying to show off his steering skills. Then the boatman gave us a very close up view of some of the islands. The rock formations of the island were layered which we surmized was sedimentary rock. 

Then we came to this group of conical islands which were quite unlike the ones we saw. As different to the other islands which are quite bare, these islands have a lot of green cover; with lovely white sandy beaches along the indented shoreline.

Islands come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are columnar in shape, not unlike those of the Seven Apostles in Australia. Standing solitude in the blue sea,  this one is like the James Bond Island we saw in the movie.

This one looks like a monkey holding a babby in her arms. Of course, what you make out of it depends on your imagination which you can always stretch your as far as possible.

On our return trip, I was sitting at the rear of the speed boat. Three rows of tail waves were set up from the three very powerful engines. This was a strange sight when mirrored with the streak of white cloud overhead.