Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Through Trees and Leaves 8 )

This is a theme which I can go on forever.

How beautiful it is to see light shining through leaves making them look like translucent.dscf3277a

The picture was taken in South Korea in Autumn.

Autumn has arrived . . . . . . . . .  and I found myself missing the Autumn in South Korea very much!

Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind ( Temple)

I wasn’t sure what was on my mind when seeing this in the Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong.

There was a big bronze bowl which has a face molded on it. The bowl full of sand was for insertion of the incense sticks.IMG_6829

Smoke from the incense sticks coming up to the air.

At the same time, light from the roof above was glancing down as the sun was setting.

I had a state of mind which I have never experienced.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic ( Up on the Mountain )

When you are tired and wearied and you know there is still a long way to go.

This is how it feels up on the mountains in Plover Cove, Hong Kong.

The sun is setting, there is a clear trail down the mountain.DSCN6517

You know that you have to make your way down before the sun finally sets.

With the light in front, you are Optimistic, as there is a guiding light.

PS The picture was taken by my friend CP Chan, the post is inspired by his trail walk up the mountain.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic ( Jesus Light )

I am not a preacher.

The illness of mom in the last year has made me all the more aware how helpless one can be. How weak and hopeless one can become.

I hope this weakness can bring me closer to God and I hope that mom can be physically healed.DSC_0267

While walking along the shoreline of Okinawa, I spotted light coming down from the sky (heaven?)

They look as if they are ” Jesus Light”.

They seem to be telling me that I should be optimistic or at least to take one day at a time ( my friend Equinoxio21 whom I met on this blog have iterated this to me).DSC_0281

Quoting the words of the Bible:

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” 

So, follow the light!

Autumn in Tateyama

Autumn is my favorite season.

Summer is usually too hot and got even hotter with global warming.

Winter is too cold which makes me feel uncomfortable.

Spring is not that bad, it is sometime misty, the best thing I like about Spring is that flowers begin to bloom. In any case, Spring is now very short to be noticeable.DSC_0223

Here is a picture taken in my trip to Tateyama – Kurobe, Japan.

We were up in the hills. Some leaves have already changed their colors. The light shone through some of the leaves.

The mountain at the back has some clouds / mist over  it, rendering the whole picture picturesque.


The City of Lights

I don’t think Hong Kong has ever been named as the City of Lights.

But I am sure visitors who has been to HK are impressed by the colorful lights they saw around the Harbor, up in the Peak or in the urban areas.

I have mixed feelings about the lights. I don’t mind the lights at all in the festive seasons but consider our light pollution and energy spending can be reduced.10869330_10204632182817699_7872605773806764908_o

Here is a picture taken in Tsim Sha Tsui, by my classmate YM Chan, during the Christmas of 2014.

The picture of the Peninsula Hotel seems to have very few colors and looks very interesting!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Let There be Light

In the Spring of 1985, early one morning, I wandered down the beach of Harlech, Wales in the United Kingdom.

I walked over many sand dunes and found myself at this peaceful beach.28-12-2004 4-11-41 PM_0007

The light just shone through the clouds . . .. . . . . . . . . .  Let There be Light  . . . . . . . . . . . and there was light; an incredible view that I have never seen.

Travel Theme: Light (2)

When Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack raised the Travel Theme: Light as the challenge, I have a couple of pictures in mind. The golden foliage at HongLou Temple, on which I have made my submission, was my first choice as I like the translucent look of the foliage.

Incidentally, the other picture was also on foliage but taken in the fall of 1985. The picture was taken at the Kew Garden in London when the ground was carpeted with fallen leaves.17-01-2005 4-47-10 PM_0005

The picture has been scanned with some lost of the original details and colors. Nevertheless, I like the rays of light which shone through the trees with some branches and leaves against the light.