Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

This week’s challenge is Juxtaposition.

I have six photos here and was wondering which one I should show first.

The first image was taken in Budapest, Hungary. It involves a juxtaposition of three things. The most interesting items are the work of art displayed in the shop window. These contrast somewhat with the paintings you can see within the shop. Within the shop, there is a portrait of a woman hanging in the middle. To the left is a reflection of me taking the photo; also to the right is a lady doing window shopping.DSCF0175

The second image shows a giant advertisement sign against the backdrop of the night scene of Hong Kong island and the brightly lit street of the touristy area Tsim Sha Tsui.CIMG2930

The third image was taken when we had tea in a tea house in Lijiang, Yunnan, China. It is a juxtaposition of the window frames and the thousand tiled roofs of houses in Lijiang.DSC_0179

After enjoying our tea, we had a stroll of the Lijiang area – where we took our fourth image. Red lanterns on the right in contrast with steps leading up to a local house. On top of this, there is the head of somebody slipped into the lens – his head can be seen on the lower right hand corner (this is sort of photo which I will never show, if not for the theme of this challenge!)DSC_0181

The fifth image was taken in Geneva, Switzerland. We have this strangely shaped tree contrasting with the big glazed windows of a modern high rise, which also presents a contrast with the older and shorter buildings to the left.DSCF1170

The last image shows a juxtaposition of the Christies sign against the church spire.DSCF1145

It looks like contrast can be found almost everywhere, be it east or west, old or modern, manmade or nature!