Shilin Stone Forest – Details

One reader commented that my Shilin Stone Forest photo is as stunning as the Huangshan with clouds and mountain photo which I posted late last week.

In my view, it is not quite in the same league.

The comment, however, made me go through my archive of Shilin photos.DSCF2838

The image here has been converted to Black & White.

Guess this is more interesting because of the contrast, the details and the texture.

Please enjoy ūüôā


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I like the theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge which¬†is “Beyond”.

For a couple of hours, I have been shortlisting my photos for the challenge.¬† I find it rather difficult to come down to just a handful of photos; I¬†have too many photos which in my view¬†should take the viewers’ eyes beyond the subjects in the foreground and I don’t really know how to choose between them. So, in the end, they are all here.

To start with, here are some photos from my China tours. The first one, taken in West Lake, China¬†shows the¬†willows and other trees in the foreground, leading the viewers’ eyes to the grass and trees further away.DSCF6343

I can’t help showing two photos taken on my Three Gorges cruise. The one below was taken while the sun was setting. On both sides of the river, there was an endless series of hills in different shades of grey.DSCF6175

The other one was taken during the daytime. While travelling up the Three Gorges river, you wonder what was beyond the river bend.DSCF6218

Rivers seem to flow on forever. Here is a river scene taken in Yunnan, China. While I was interested in the reflection in the river, I was also curious as to know where the river was leading to.DSC_0117

Up in the hills of ZhangJiaJie, we saw trees and limestone columns in the foreground; there were more pillars and hills further from our eyes.DSC_0164

Outside China, the views are equally lovely. While travelling from Cairns to Lake Barrine, Australia, our eyes were caught by the open view of the blue  mountain ranges and white clouds further beyond.CIMG0532

In Cappadocia, Turkey, our sight line was attracted further away from the cave dwellings in the foreground.CIMG0357

Beaches are our favourites. In Langkawi, Malaysia, looking through the leaves hanging down from the palm trees to the sandy beach and islands beyond was just inviting.DSC_0082

This picture below was the only beach we have visited in the Baltics. The beach in Estonia was more or less deserted but our eyes were taken further to the somewhat dramatic clouds  beyond.DSC_0131

While the UNESCO city of Vilnius, Lithuania was picturesque, we could see chimneys and other structures at a distance.Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 058

On a good day, you could see forever. . . . . . . . . . .