Lion Dance – Tiled Art

This week’s photo challenge is Eyes.

I have been photographing this ancient building in China which has been restored a few times in the past.

This was taken at the corner of two walls which are tiled.DSCF1184

The tiled painting shows Lion Dance in the middle – you can see at least 5 Lions there with their vivid eye.

At the bottom there is a procession of sorts.

On the right, there is a sword dance by two people.

On the left are people playing the musical instrument.

This is more than just a cartoon!

Eyes of the Dragons and Lion Dance

As many readers have shown interest in my previous post on Eyes of the Dragon, I am uploading this further photo for their perusal.IMG_1164

In some way, the eyes on this photo stand out even more as the picture is taken from the side.

You can also see some traditional drums on the side.IMG_1168

Also uploaded is a photo taken on the same day on which the Lion Dance was performed.

This is a community function in celebration of a festival for casting away of the evils.

Please enjoy 🙂

Eyes of the Lions

Many of us have seen the Lion Dances.

Here are three Lion Heads use for the dances.IMG_1163

What interest me are the lion eyes. They look so vivid.

The picture was taken by my friend CP Chan in Hong Kong during a recent festival for casting away of the evils.