Little Egrets

The Little Egret is a common waterbird in Hong Kong.

Since most Little Egrets are residents in Hong Kong, they occur throughout the year in various types of wetlands including freshwater marshes and intertidal mudflat. You may find Little Egrets preying or resting at the shallow waters in many coastal areas..

There is a very comprehensive description of the Little Egrets in Wikipedia:

For sharing, here are some pictures taken near the place I am based.IMG_1767IMG_1769IMG_1768IMG_1770IMG_17711441351_769595883057554_289683086_n1475875_769595789724230_1289355966_n

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

This week’s photo challenge is Reflection.

Woke up early in the morning and drove north to the place I like dearly – Luk Keng in the north eastern corner of the New Territories, Hong Kong.

I know some birds will be out there waiting for me.

Got out of the car and meeting me was a lone little egret in the shallow water.

The sun has just come up; we were in the golden hour. The tide was out and the reflection of the nearby hills was in the water. This little white egret just stood there motionless as if it was just a decoy. Its reflection was in the water.CIMG3671

It looks as if it was in a deep reflection. . . . . . . . . . . or was it I that was in a deep reflection? I don’t know.

Then the words of Alan Cohen came to me – Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us.
It was good that we were in the golden hour. Last Winter, when we were there, we weren’t that lucky.
It was dark, but the birds were also there.CIMG3687
Two white little egrets stood near with their white reflections in the water, and, very far away, there was  a line of egrets standing near to the shore. They look so tiny that many people would not have noticed.
These egrets just sent me into reflections.