Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Morning Walk )

I have always enjoyed my morning walks in the woods.

The air was fresh and the sun has just come up.cimg2911

We walked by the edge of the Liu Shui Heung reservoir in the New Territories of Hong Kong until we reached this pavilion.

The light momentously shone through the clouds and the trees.

What was revealed before us was glorious!

Travel Theme: Silver

This week’s Travel Theme is Silver.

As a landscape guy, it is really a challenge to find something which is silver from my travels.

I am trying to depict silver from my travel photos.DSC_0571

Every cloud has a silver lining – at least, these clouds over Koh Samui (island) do have a silver lining.CIMG2912A

Back home, while visiting a raw water reservoir known as Liu Shui Heung, I captured this photo in the still waters of the reservoir. The reflection from the placid water do look silvery to me.

Maybe, I should get some silver threads and golden needles together and take a photo!