Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up (from Where I Live )

I like looking up from my window, watching how day change to night or how one season change to another.

Here are five pictures all taken towards the same direction from my window.

In fact you may recognize the profile or silhouette of the hills in the vicinity.CIMG1839

Some of the pictures are looking up to the clouds, but taken at different time of the day.CIMG5748

Several pictures were taken of the clouds; tropical storm clouds and clouds when the season was changing to Winter.DSCF0455

One picture was taken in the early morning mist when the sum was trying to dispel away the mist.CIMG3851A

Only one picture was taken with a zoom – the one with the full moon rising  above the hills.CIMG3473

What wonderful views to be have when looking up!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up ( Flowers )

This week’s DP challenge is Look Up.

I have always found it delightful to look up while strolling the old UNESCO sites in the Baltic.DSC_0007

I like all the sites I have been, including Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius etc.

Everywhere I walk, if I look up, there is a good chance that I see flowers or something interesting.DSC_0047

Here are two examples; both interesting and delightful – beautiful red flowers on the walls!

Please enjoy 🙂

weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up ( Baltic)

This week’s DP challenge is Look Up.

I think photographer looks everywhere for interesting objects.

Looking up, down, far and near etc to capture the objects or moment they found interesting.DSC_0195

Here are two pictures taken in the Baltic.

One shows a cat high up on the apex of a conical roof.DSC_0268A

The other shows a pair of birds.

Aren’t they lovely?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up ( from Down Under)

This week’s photo challenge is Look Up.

It was an unique experience looking up the light well from down under in the temple in Angkor Wat.

The light well is sort of confined and lined with rugged stones on all four sides, like a shaft extending to the sky.

I felt I was down under in a well, looking up the sky.DSC_0247

Then I thought of the Chinese idiom:

If you are a frog sitting at the bottom of the well, you probably say the sky is small. Actually, the sky is not small, only because your width of vision is limited.

If you are a Summer insect, then probably we can’t talk to you of snow. Not that there is no snow, but because you perish before the snow appears.DSC_0249

The above is my translation into English while writing this; so this may not be the best of translation.