Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror ( Sky )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Mirror.

A serene water surface is a mirror.

Here is a picture – the focus of which is not the green lotus leaves but the sky above with the sun and the clouds.11960017_1164400920243713_5924525724566303271_n

The quiet water serves as a mirror.

The picture was taken by my classmate YM Chan for whom credit is due.

Please enjoy 🙂

An Autumn Morning at the West Lake

It was a cold morning at West Lake, China.

The lotus have all weathered, leaving their stalks.4290189150_20965bd575_o

What attracted me most was the pavilion which seemed to have sprung over the tranquil lake water.

I like the silhouette of the whole thing which appeared before my weary eyes.

Is this from an Oriental fairy tale?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Ritsurin Garden 2)

I think I have said too many times that my one day tour in Riturin Garden, Shikoku was a very good day.

I have enjoyed everything I saw there, from lotus flowers to strangely shaped trees, streams to Monet type footbridge, watching kois and even tea tasting in a tea house there.DSCF0406

I have shown many photos of the garden in my various posts; but there are still photos which I have not shown but I would like to share.DSCF0419

Here are some of those.CIMG5562

The first one is in fact a panoramic view of the garden, which I have pieced together using two photos.

The other ones would reinforce one’s perception of the serenity of the garden.DSCF0422

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Ritsurin Garden)

It wasn’t a good day in terms of weather; as it has been raining cats and dogs.

However, we did have a good day in the Ritsurin Garden, Shikoku, Japan.

Watching lotus, artistically twisted and trimmed trees, a Japanese style bridge which resembles the Monet footbridge, have Japanese tea tasting etc.CIMG5532

All in all, it was a good day.

I like the lotus flowers most, although they were shattered by the heavy down pour.

For those who are interested in the garden, please see my other posts.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh ( Morning Lotus)

The opening of the red lotus flowers at Angkor Wat, Cambodia marked the start of a fresh new day.IMGP1143A

The Lord has given us a new day.

We will take it gracefully as it arrives!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds ( Lotus Flower)

This will be my last submission on the theme of Rule of Thirds.

I have always loved lotus flowers.10498272_10203310684501067_4755776037923312833_o

They always look serene and meditative.

The photo with the flower on the left third was taken by my classmate YM Chan.

Please enjoy 🙂

The Rain that Shattered the Lotus in Ritsurin Garden, Japan

This post contains 11 photos of beautiful lotus flowers.

We were travelling with the wind.

At the start of our trip, the hurricane Neoguri was ahead of us. We flew over and past the super typhoon.

When we landed at Shikoku, the hurricane has got up with us and was heading further north towards Osaka and Tokyo.CIMG5537

When the hurricane past us by, the weather was unsettled – we had some heavy down pours when we reached the Ritsurin Gardens.CIMG5525

The down pour continued as we walked into the garden. There were still people strolling the gardens while upholding their umbrellas.CIMG5527

I was thinking of taking some beautiful pictures of the lotus. The rain has shattered my dreams – many of the lotus flowers were deformed by the rain.CIMG5529

Many of the flowers have petals pointing downwards to the ground or fallen to the ground – so where have all the good flowers gone?CIMG5530

We could see rain drops trickling down the petals and the stalks.CIMG5533

There was no use of zooming in on the flowers as many of the flowers were not intact.CIMG5535

However, this did not deter me from taking pictures of the flowers – it was a sea of lotus which I have never seen before.CIMG5538

I like the mix of the pink flowers and the green leaves.

The extent of the lotus pads were so extensive that they just filled my lenses.CIMG5528

Yes, we may not have a bright day when flowers bloom and robins sing, but who cares, God has given me  another perspective – a totally different view of the lotus pond, battered lotus which still retained their beautiful colors and together with the buds and the leaves, they were just magnificent.CIMG5531

It was like a sea of flowers.

Who wouldn’t want to have sunny days when everything go smoothly, but I must be grateful that the Lord has allowed me another beautiful day.

The sky did clear up when I walked past the Monet’s Japanese bridge ( only I like to see it that way) and that I did take good photos of the bridge in the garden  which will remain in my mind forever!CIMG5532

Maybe, I will come back another time, another weather!