Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( House of Dancing Water )

Water sprung up from all sides as the show went on.

The pavilion was raised suddenly from under the performing platform.dscf0674

Dancers gathered round and the main actor and actress went into the pavilion.

This was part of the show House of Dancing Water in Macau.

Water is of course the main theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare ( Offering)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Rare.

I have never posted this photo as it was inadvertently focused; I should have focused it on the dragon head.DSCF0625

The picture was taken in a temple in Macau.

I have seen incense and oranges being offered in temple; but never have I seen the offerings placed on a wooden dragon boat like altar.

Isn’t this rare?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light ( Reflection )

The photo was taken at the Fortress Hill of Macau.

It shows part of the Museum alongside a reflecting pool.DSCF0774A

You may wonder what the first image is; I have flipped the image so that the reflection is on top.

The second image is the original photo, with the reflection and the building dividing the photo almost into two equal halves.DSCF0774

I like the very clear details of the reflection.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

The theme for this week’s DP photo challenge is Dance.

Taking motion photography is not one of my favorites; I usually take still photos of landscape or architecture only.DSCF0722

This photo is an exception; it was taken in Macau, in the House of Dancing Water performance.

The multi-colored water jets were coming up and the dancers were dancing as they were in the rain.

I have set my shutter speed slow so that the photo gives a sense of motion for the jets and the dancers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Acrobats)

Here on earth, nothing can really defy gravity.

A jellfish can be immersed in water and supported by buoyancy as to appear weightless.

A levitation train can be lifted off the rails based on the repulsion of the magnetic fields.DSCF0680

Some kung fu masters are said to be able to lift themselves up from the floor using Qikung – I still have to see them before my very eyes.

Here are some acrobats who seem to be able to soar above the water jets but in fact they are tied by wires.

The picture was taken in a performance in Macau.

The Cannon and the Casino (Macau)

Those who read my previous post realize that I don’t like the many casinos in Macau.

Certainly, these casinos generate a lot of revenue and GDP for Macau which has a small population.

Many of the residents there work for the casinos and some depend indirectly on the casinos.DSCF0771

I dislike gambling very much and the other vices it supports.

Up on the hill, there is a line of old cannons protecting Macau from sea attacks. Now they are obsolete.

Here are a couple of pictures I took – with the cannon pointing towards one of the casinos.

The casino was specially designed to be like a lotus flower; the external shape of which is quite interesting.

In fact, the firm which I worked for before retirement was responsible for the design of this special building.DSCF0772

The photos taken with the cannon pointing at the casino has a special meaning – they express my dislike of the casinos!