Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape ( Canyon )

We were high up on one side of the canyon, overlooking on the other side.

This is one of the deepest canyons or gorges in the world – the Malinghe Canyon or Gorge in Yunnan, China.DSCF2990

Deep down under is a river flowing, near to the bottom we could see visitors walking on a path cut into the rock.

The rock face is much weathered and rugged; with a lot of weathered rock protruding beyond the canyon face.

This is one of the most interesting landscapes I have come across.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (Waterfall)

We walked by the side of the Maling River, China.

The tracks are cut into the rocky canyons standing steep on both sides of the river.

Our trip took us to the canyon and we walked both banks of the river.DSCF2971

One of the amazing sights was seeing some of the waterfalls that cascade down to the river.

They are by no means any grander than many of the waterfalls in the world; but they are strikingly beautiful!