Sunday Stills: Bridges

Readers who have been following my posts may know that I was a bridge design engineer some decades ago.

I have a few posts which highlighted some bridges I encountered during my travels in various parts of the world. One of the posts is

I am delighted that this week’s Sunday Stills is Bridges – which is my favorite subject.

Here I try to group some masonry bridges together. They look aesthetically pleasing, simple and some of them even romantic. They have helped our ancestors to cross over many troubled waters – a big contribution to our present civilization.

My bridges here are mainly masonry. The masons carved the stones into blocks of various sizes, assembled them together in a form designed by engineers who were masters of art and also structural engineering. They were skillfully laid into an arch form so that most part of the bridge are in compression – their creative thinking has helped humans to connect on both sides of the rivers.

I will start off with some bridges in Europe. The first bridge is the one I encountered at Seville, Spain – the reflection in the water is just fascinating!17-12-2004 5-31-04 PM_0022

The other one is the one at Cahorrs, France. This is one of the most romantic bridges I have ever come across. The picture was taken in 1985 and I was only able to identify that this is the  medieval Valentre bridge after matching it with internet pictures.Scan10007B

A famous bridge in Venice which has been shown on many photos. I like the cover on the bridge, unfortunately, I do not have a close up of the bridge.CIMG0342

This is another bridge with photo taken in 1985. If memory is correct, this is a bridge in Toledo, Spain.16-12-2004 4-43-31 PM_0000

This is a primitive style single span bridge in a Chinese style private garden in Okinawa, Japan.DSC_0174

A picture I have taken recently in my travel to Naejongsan in South Korea;  a two span bridge overshadowed by red foliage. The principle of aesthetics dictates that bridges look more pleasing with an odd number of spans – so this one deviates from this principle.DSCF3377

A Chinese style arch bridge with photo taken in the rain in West Lake, China – people in umbrellas and ripples in the water add moods to the image which is changed to a sepia.DSCF6464A

Another bridge with three spans which appeared in my earlier post. however, this is a real Still one and the atmosphere is so serene.DSCF6488

Photo taken of a three-span bridge in the scenic FengHuang ( Phoenix City ) of China – another three-span bridge with buildings in the superstructure.DSC_0025

Bridges are so fascinating, I regret I did not have the chance to pursue further my skills in bridge engineering in my later career. They are just lovely work of science and art!

All these bridges bring back good memories of my earlier career which I still cherish!.