Milford Track ( Flora and Fauna)

I never know much about flora and fauna.IMG_0002

In my retirement, I have taken a couple of talks in identifying local tree species but I am still a dummy on flora and fauna.IMG_0018

I am fascinated by some of the photos on flora and fauna taken by my wife in the Milford Track.IMG_0024

They are nothing like what I have seen elsewhere.IMG_0035

Here are some of them for sharing!IMG_0032

I think I need to research into these.IMG_0042

Milford Track (2)

Hiking the Milford Track is surely a challenge, but those who have done it are rewarded with what they see.

I don’t actually know what the picture is showing and will ask my wife when she is back from the hike.IMG_0026

It seems to show water spilling over a ridge.

My question is why the water mass seems to discontinue after it spills over the ridge; creating this spectacular sight!

Milford Track

Never seen such a waterfall!

Picture sent to me by my wife travelling in the South Island, New Zealand.IMG_0044

I would hate to go anywhere near this waterfall as it looks so intimidating.

Understand that hiking the Milford Track at this time of the year is also quite laborious.IMG_0047

My folks said that they feel cold and have never thought they have to wade through so much water.

Definitely a challenge!