Rediscovered Memories – Ta Prohm, Cambodia (2)

Ta Prohm’s original name was Rajavihara which  means “the royal monastery”.  It has a romantic atmosphere  and many hidden corners.

There are two main types of trees at Ta Prohm, the silk-cotton tree, Ceiba pentandra, with huge trunks, and the strangler fig Ficus gibbosa, which draps itself around other trees with its multiple grey roots. The strangler figs and silk-cotton trees entwined among the ruins add to the eerie quality of the place.

The picture below shows how the massive roots of the silk-cotton tree frames around an opening.DSC_0228

Here is a picture showing the strangler fig, attaching itself to the walls.DSC_0240

There are many hidden corners in the monastery, many of them have sculptures of Devatas. An example is shown below.DSC_0243

Michael Freeman and Claude Jacques  in their book “Ancient Angkor” described “….Ta Prohm has the romantic appeal of, say, a Piranesi ruin: partly overgrown and gently declining”. This reflects truly our feeling when we were there.