Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale (Inner Mongolia)

From the size of the three visitors in the image, you will appreciate the scale of the sand dunes in Inner Mongolia, as well as the scale of the clouds formation.DSCF2285

The picture looks a bit surreal with the clouds, the sand dunes, the visitors,  the Mongolian yurts and the color umbrellas.




Inside the Mongolian Yurt

Some readers requested to see the interior of the Mongolian yurt.

As indicated in my previous post, the inside is pretty basic.

It has a bed, a small table, an overhead lamp, no TV, a poorly furnished bathroom with cold water supply but didn’t seem to have facilities for shower, no windows but there was a ventilation opening protected from direct wind and sand  – that’s about all.

There is a picture which I want to share with you all.DSCF2200

The inside space was column free and I was wondering what holds up the roof.

The image shows many curved members meeting at a top carved timber ring  – this is the meeting point or node where these members meet together. The walls and roof are supported off these curvilinear members.

Sorry that I do not have any more photos showing the interior, as I didn’t even consider it worthwhile taking any photos apart from the fantastic roof design!