The Monk, the Cat and the Stupa in Bhutan

There is a kind of weird in this picture.

A monk who is so tall, accompanied by a cat.

He seems to have a smartphone in his hand.

He was walking among the stupas – I suppose this is his daily ritual.

Only tourists would be find it unusual.

In any case, the colors are a good contrast.


Two Lions and Two Monks at Angkor Wat

This is a causal picture taken at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

What prompted me clicking were the two monks walking past in red / orange clothing.

They were in sharp contrast to the two lions statutes with their mouth opening wide.DSC_0163

The lions seem much bigger than the monks, but this is an illusion of taking pictures which are at different distances from the camera lenses.

Otherwise, the place was just calm and green, maybe also timeless!