Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Private Garden )

I never knew that my friend has a private garden until I visited him.

It was a place filled with harmony.CIMG3488

Harmony between man made garden and the inner self.

A garden with quiet corners, with moon gates and all sort of green plants.CIMG3513A

Here are a few pictures taken there.

The garden even has a moon gate which some rich people in olden China have as entrances to their private gardens.CIMG3507

The garden also have ponds where kois are reared.

A garden that is kept secret from neigbours and friends.CIMG3484

Maybe, this is his little secret garden, a garden that he finds solace and peace of mind.

Some day, I hope I will also have a garden similar to this.CIMG3492

Of course, this is my secret dream.CIMG3512




Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle ( Moon Gate 2 )

This is my other photo showing the moon gate to a Chinese garden.

As with all moon gates, it is circular and serves as an entrance to this ” Ten Thousand Spring” garden.CIMG0304

We were on our way to the WuYiShan ( Mountain) and dropped by this delightful garden.

I must say, this is not my best picture for Moon Gates. The best one I have taken was from the gardens of SuZhou. However, it is not in an electronic form and difficult to be scanned.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle ( Moon Gate)

This week’s DP theme for the Photo Challenge is Circle.

Not quite sure what to submit.

The photo was taken in the West Lake, Hangzhou, China.DSCF6454A

It shows a circular moon gate which is an important element in the architecture for Chinese courtyard or garden.

It signifies an entrance to the courtyard of the rich.

This may not be the best picture in my archive, I will need to go through it to see if there is a better picture.