Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of Lake Geneva )

This week’s photo challenge is Edge.

I have always like edges to the water, whether it is sea or lake.dscf0043

Here are a few shots taken at the edge of the lake Geneve near Morges.

It is idyllic to see yachts on a calm lake, as the ones I saw that day in Morges.dscf0042

The flowers at the edges of the lake were also lovely.

I can sit there all day, just gazing to the lake, watching the water and the clouds.dscf0045

Surely, there are people like me, relaxing near to the water edge.

These are wonderful views to be enjoyed.


Weekly photo Challenge: Seasons ( Spring at Morges)

Spring and Autumn are the seasons I like best.

I like Spring for the flowers and Autumn for the foliage.DSCF0025

Summer is the month I feel most mobile and energetic.

Winter is the season for my hibernation!

Here are a couple of photos taken in Morges, Switzerland during Spring.DSCF0022

How delightful it is to walk around the garden by the lake.

Flowers and green leaves everywhere, one complementing the other.