Upcoming Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on 10 May ( I understand it could be on a different day, depending on where you are).

Here is a photo taken on the beach –  reminiscence of the good old days when we were on the beach.10952351_1075699035780569_2013793162824386275_n

There was just so much fun and happiness!


Ju Ming’s Sculpture for Mother’s Day

Have I been insensitive to upload a photo about Marriage is like being inside a cage when today is Mothers’ Day (at least, in our part of the World)?

Ju Ming is great in portraying the human side in his carved wood sculptures.

This photo is for Mothers’ Day.DSCF0038

Ju Ming shows how much we have been cared for and how much we would like to cling to our mothers when we were children.

Happy Mothers’ Day 🙂