Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion (Stream)

This week’s theme on Motion is coming to an end.

This is the last photo for the series.11146270_1079189038764902_6511822754414756882_n

The picture was taken by my classmate YM Chan in Japan.

I like the blur in the stream which suggests motion; of course I almost like the blossoms.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion (Waves)

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Waves always give a sense of dynamic motion.

When I was young, I enjoyed watching waves coming in, while sitting alone on the beach when it was deserted.1486572_798212190195923_2046493007_n

Apart from the thundering sound of the breaking waves, the beaches were dead silent.1506016_798212176862591_1231874907_n

Here are a couple of photos taken by my classmate YM Chan on a local beach.

I can identify with the mood generated by the pictures.

Weekly Photo Challenge; Motion (Bird & Kapok 2)

Here is another photo which looks like a Chinese painting.

I must admit the motion of the small bird is overshadowed by the stationary Kapok flowers.005 (3)

But together they look so beautiful.

Again, the picture was taken by Chung Kwok Fan to which credit is due.

Please enjoy 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

The DP Challenge this week is Motion.

Here is a picture with movement of sorts.

Three towers suddenly rose from underwater.

Then dancers climbed up to the very top.

Some jumped down to the water, others somersaulted, some swinged from one tower to the other.DSCF0647

There are so many movements that it was difficult to concentrate just on a few.

This is one of the views in the House Of Dancing Water show in Macau.