Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Misty )

I know Misty is not a season.

But there are times within a season when it is especially misty, due to the humidity and the temperatures.DSC_0116

We were wandering in the mountains of ZhangJiaJie, China when mist came upon us.

We were like in Avatar, with the mist surrounding and not knowing which direction to proceed.DSC_0044

It was all fun and a bit adventurous.

Hope to be in the midst of mist again in my next hike!


Sanqing Shan (14) – Layers on Layers

The mountain seems to open up in layers.

On the left, there are clear escarpments overgrown with green plants.DSCF0963

Similarly, opening up in a Vee- shape on the right side are further hill slopes rising up steeply.

Sanqing Shan (13) – Mountains after Mountains

I was awed by the steepness of the mountains and the greenness of the pines when I was high up on Sanqing Shan.

To me, there were always layers of mountains in front of me. As I proceeded, one layer of mountain gave away to the other.DSCF0986A

On the bend of the trail, what I can see were steep mountains on either side, guarded by pine trees high up on each side.

But between them, there were layers of mountains yonder.


SanQing San (11) – Sacred Mountain

Sanqing Shan is regarded as one of the sacred mountains in Taoism.

It is difficult not to have a Taoism perspective when you are up on the mountains.DSCF0993

This is another spectacular view of the mountain taken during the hike.

Pine trees just appear as tiny on this picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale ( Mountain and Hut)

Mountains loom large in many people’s mind. I used to think of them being majestic, mysterious and sometimes even sacred. In my travels, sometimes, the best scenery are the ones that I miss while travelling in a car or a coach.

When there is no way you can stop and take a picture; may be because it is a single lane road with many cars behind you and /or there are no places to stop.

Perhaps, this is just like the river of life, the best view are those you see on the road. ……… life just goes on and on and cannot be stopped somewhere in between.DSC_0192 But this does not deter me from taking pictures while the car / coach are moving, while risking the fact that objects in the forefront may look blur when the images come out.

While travelling in Yunnan, high up in a mountainous area where even taller mountains appeared before my eyes, I took several images while the coach was on the move. More than half of the images came out alright; some of them suffered from the glare reflecting from the coach window.

I like the way the clouds have come down in an almost triangular shape, hiding parts of the mountain but leaving the peaks exposed. I also like the several distinct bands of colors of the mountain, the land etc. I just couldn’t forget the lonely and dreamy house there too and the feeling that this couldn’t be China – this could just be anywhere in the world ( or out of this world)!

Clouds & Mountains – A Collage of Photos

<This post contains 6 photos>

This will be my best collection of clouds and mountains photos in China.photo 2

All these photos have been posted before but I am putting them together.photo (12)

The Huangshan and clouds mountains are provided by my calligraphy classmate Mr. Chung Kok Fan..photo (11)

Whereas the photos of Zhanzhejia are provided by my university classmate Mr. YM Chan.10371365_964405693576571_905928906956857373_n

They are great photographers and timing was on their side.1457644_964404113576729_3185532268533466011_n

This collection is stunning and I expect that readers will be pleased.10415722_969586896391784_4792825689246188239_n

Please enjoy!


Clouds and Mountains ( Zhangzhejia 3)

This is the last photo from my classmate YM Chan on Zhanzhejia.

Of the photos I showed for this beautiful place, this is the best.

The clouds just seem floating from underneath10371365_964405693576571_905928906956857373_n you – so surreal!

Please enjoy 🙂