Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow ( Gorge )

This is the narrowest point in the river as it tumbles down from the highlands in Yunnan, China.

It is so narrow that it is muted that a Tiger can jump across.

This is why the gorge is named ” Tiger leaping Gorge “.DSC_0137

The river was torrential when we were there.

In the middle of the river there was a a big block of rock.

We wondered whether the tiger has leaped across in a couple of bounces!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (Cave)

There are so many limestone caverns in Yunnan, China.

This one in Yunnan has a river flowing through it.DSC_0406

The picture was taken at a point where the cave narrows down, it meets the open hour before it emerges into another cavern.

The picture was taken at the narrowest point.