Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (Alleyways in Split)

I have posted on Split; a place which we almost missed out in our trip planning in Croatia.

We were undecided whether we w0uld stay a night in Split, but are happy that we did.DSCF0425

I like the palace and the old town, in particular,

Wandering down the narrow alleyways was really interesting.DSCF0428

You never know what you would come across, there were so many unexpected twists and turns.

Every discovery on the way was a joy.DSCF0433

It was an excellent location for photographers too.

Masonry walls and limestone pavements every where.DSCF0423

You find yourself link back romantically to the distant past.

A place that I recommend for those planning to travel in Croatia!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (Street of Dubrovnik)

This week’s photo challenge is Narrow.

I like narrow streets as you never know what lies at the end of the street or alley way.DSCF0974

The narrowness of the alley or street instills some mystical atmosphere.

Sometimes, it is more than mystical, it is a romantic link back to the distant past of the area.DSCF0722

Many times, it is not the alley that is interesting but the subject on the sides of the alley.

This could be old buildings, medieval churches , masonry walls of great heights.DSCF0888

Altogether, they make the pictures look interesting!