Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature ( Trees )

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The following three pictures will convince you that trees, or more precisely, tree roots, can exert powerful forces in nature.DSC_0284

All three photos were taken in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.DSC_0261

Walls seem cannot deter trees from mounting over them.DSC_0212

Or are they just forming one system of integrating both organic and inorganic?

Travel Theme: Glow (Fireflies)

This week’s Travel Theme is Glow.

Hope this photo makes some sense to you.

This is a photo taken of fireflies in the rain clinging onto leaves of a tree outside my window.CIMG3888

The following is a description of fireflies in the Wikipedia:

Lampyridae is a family of insects  in the beetle order Coleoptera. They are winged beetles, and commonly called fireflies or lightning bugs for their conspicuous crepuscular use of  bioluminescene to attract mates or prey. Fireflies produce a “cold light”, with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. This chemically produced light from the lower abdomen may be yellow, green, or pale red, with wavelengths from 510 to 670 nanometers.

Zooming out, you can see more of the tree – it is almost like a Christmas tree with fireflies clinging onto.DSCF6098

Under rain, understand  fireflies wouldn’t fly but cling on to trees. But why do they hang on to this tree?

I was not able to  improve on the picture as the tree swayed in the rain, increasing the exposure would not improve the contrast between the fireflies and the surrounding!