Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Morning Walk )

I have always enjoyed my morning walks in the woods.

The air was fresh and the sun has just come up.cimg2911

We walked by the edge of the Liu Shui Heung reservoir in the New Territories of Hong Kong until we reached this pavilion.

The light momentously shone through the clouds and the trees.

What was revealed before us was glorious!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Through Dark Clouds )

This week’s photo challenge is Shine.

I like pictures which show a lot of contrast.3667527188_8eb00d73d2_oa

This picture taken on the eastern side of the New Territories in Hong Kong illustrates my point.

Dark clouds hung over but penetrated by colorful light.

Weekly photo Challenge: Local ( Sai Kung )

This week’s photo challenge is Local.

One of the places I visit several times a year is known as Sai Kung on the Eastern side of the New Territories of Hong Kong.cimg2974

My photos will not do the place justice, as I concentrate my photos on scenery instead of people and street live which are all the more interesting.cimg2975

This is a small fishing town.  Recently, it has become more popular with locals and tourists as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is well known for its seafood and many seafood restaurants line the seafront forming a Seafood Street. Some sampans for selling live fishes and shrimps / lobsters are berthed against the seawalls. It is fun watching them selling the sea creatures.dscf2070

Besides seafood, visitors can charter boats for snorkeling, scuba diving or just swimming at the beaches at the nearby islands. My photo show some of the distant view of islands.dscf2063

There are several piers there where you can embark / disembark on boats which bring you to some of the nearby islands. One of my pictures shows the pier.dscf2068

You can easily spend more than half a day out there!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( Bird )

Woke up early and drove to Luk Keng in the New Territories.

While we were the first batch of tourist to arrive, the egrets were already wading in the shallow water trying to find breakfast.CIMG3671

Would the early birds be the first one to catch the fishes?

I don’t know; but the scenery was picturesque!CIMG3670

It was serene and refreshing.


Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind ( Abandoned Fish Pond )

Located in the northern part of the New Territories, Hong Kong is a fish pond which has been there for as far as I can remember.

It was a spot of great scenery and liked by many picnic goers.CIMG0428A

The fish pond has long since been abandoned as locally reared fishes are no longer competitive in prices.

This is a picture taken at one of the fish ponds.

Basically, it is abandoned; although it still has its beauty – it is more of melancholy or in a sad state.

That was how I saw it when I was last there.

Winter Clouds

My dad told me that if I see clouds like these, it forewarns the coming of cold weather.

These clouds look stunning to me. They look as if the sky was cracked.

Through the cracks come the light.12365938_1221782124505592_6826187341007479490_o

These clouds now remind me of my dad who passed away 29 years ago.

The picture was taken by my classmate YM Chan in the New Territories of Hong Kong.