Weekly Photo Challenge: Paths

Path is an interesting topic; I can post about this forever.

Here are several photos in different part of the world.dsc_0058

The first one was taken in the Baltic. It shows a quiet path in between rows of picturesque residential buildings.cimg0225

The second one was taken in Central Park, New York. I like the path being covered with trees, with people strolling underneath them.dscf0276a

The third one was taken in the Plitvice national lakes in Croatia. The photo was taken as we entered the scenic part of the lakes by way of a long and curved boardwalk.dscf0782a

The last one was taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We were making our way back to the the hotel as night has fallen and there was darkness except where lit by the roadside lamps.

This is an assortment of paths.


Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind ( New York 2 )

I am always fascinated by the skyline of New York city.

My mind is switched off completely to NY when I look at the skyline.New York 2

Here is a one of my favorite photos of NY skyline, seeing NYC from afar.

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind ( New York)

So this week, share an image where you see a particularly strong connection between what we see and what you felt as you pressed that shutter button on your camera or phone.”

The above is what the Challenger asks us to do this week for the Photo Challenge.010A

Have been to New York several times. Each time, I got a special feeling about the place.

There are many places I like, however, the ordinary streets cape in NY reminds me that I am actually there.

The mix of the old and the new gives you a sense of place.

A place that is so varied, so alive and so full of energy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid ( New York)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Grid.

I don’t think I have lots of photos on Grid.005A

The first ones come to mind are the glass curtain walls in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.006

The architecture was designed by architect I M Pei.

They give me a sense of serenity while browsing around in the museum.