The Drum Tower of Xian

I have posted a photo of the Bell Tower of Xian.

Also built in the Ming Dynasty is the Drum Tower of Xian.

The architecture is quite similar, but this building hosts the drums.

For this post, I am showing the corner of the roof.

The roof looks exceptionally beautiful when lit up at night time.

Nanchang at Night (1)

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Nanchang is where we flew in and commenced our journey to Sanqing Shan.

After dinner, we went down to the edge of the River Gan.

The rain has just stopped and we had a very good view of the cityscape on the other side of the river.DSCF0849

This is the older part of the city; the buildings were beautifully lit.

In the middle of the first picture, we can see an old styled Chinese building which is one of the most famous old buildings of China – The Pavilion of Prince Teng.DSCF0848

The following is an introduction of the city as given in Wikipedia

Nanchang (南昌) is the capital of Jiangxi Province in southeastern China As of 2010, a population of 5,042,566 live in the prefecture, in which 4,171,926 live in the built-up area made up of six urban districts in addition to urbanized counties of Nanchang and Xinjian. Located in the north-central part of the province, it is bounded on the west by the Jiuling Mountains, and on the east by Poyang Lake. Because of its strategic location connecting the prosperous Eat and South China, it has become a major railway hub in Southern China in recent decades.

As the Nanchang Uprising in 1927 was distinctively recognized by the ruling Communist Party as “firing the first gunshot against the evil Nationalists”, the current regime has therefore named the city since 1949 “the City of Heroes”, “the place where the People’s Liberation Army was born”, and the most widely known “place where the military banner of the People’s Liberation Army was first raised”.

Hong Kong is Beautiful

This is the best Facebook site ( Hong Kong is Beautiful) that I have come across showing beautiful views of Hong Kong.

As an example of the photos on the site, here is a picture of the tall buildings with Victoria Harbor as the backdrop.10847697_1411104619198144_6572202111742975232_o

The view of Hong Kong is already beautiful during daytime, it is more fascinating during nighttime.

If you are interested you may want to visit the site at:

Please enjoy 🙂