The Bell Tower at Xi’an, China

This is one of the places we longed to visit.

We realize the best time to visit is night time when the bell tower is lit up.

The tower was constructed with timber and bricks in 1384, Ming Dynasty and is one of the best example of its type in China.

It houses some bells including ancient ones from the Tang Dynasty.

Looks pretty at night – but this is definitely not how it looks in the Ming Dynasty when there were barely any electric bulbs!



City of a Million Lights

Hong Kong is very picturesque at night.

The place is lit up after dark; the many tall buildings with lights clustered together produce a fantastic sight.e5d9a4e5c125a7248992721bfb419a01

Here is a picture post in a local newspaper Mingpao to which credit is due.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Local ( Kowloon Bay )

This week’s photo challenge is Local.

The harbour of Hong Kong can be viewed from many vantage points, but tourists stick to touristy places on either side of the city area of Hong Kong.

Here is a view from the seaside promenade of Kowloon Bay in Kowloon.img_6955-3

It was a typical Summer night when people will come out to the seaside, taking a rest and gazing towards the Hong Kong Island side.

Some residents may play their guitar and sing their songs too.

Just across the bay is the newly built Cruise Terminal and in the backround are the buildings on the Island.

A typical Summer’s night!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror ( Night Scene from the Window )

This week’s photo challenge is Mirror.

These two photos were taken with a smartphone behind the window glass.

Both show reflection of some sort.unnamed (1)

The first picture definitely show glare in a few places.

There is also reflection of the distant buildings in the Victoria Harbour too.unnamed

The second picture was also taken in the same building but with no reflection from the glass.

We were dining there, in the restaurant, up on the 38th floor, somewhere in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant ( City )

Hong Kong must be one of the most vibrant cities.

The waves in the harbor was a bit choppy when I took the photo.DSCF2047A

We have carried out a bit too much land reclamation, narrowing the harbor.

Waves set up by ship wash or wind just got bounced back and forth in the harbor.

Together with the city lights, they form a Vibrant picture.

The Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

The Avenue of Stars星光大道), modelled on the Hollwood Walk of Fame, is located along the  Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It honours celebrities of the Hong Kong Film industry.

It is one of the most visited spot by tourists in Hong Kong.CIMG7739

It is situated on a seaside promenade with one side facing the Victoria Harbour and the beautiful views of Hong Kong island as backdrop.

During night time, the place is still full of tourists.

This is a view taken of one of the statutes there with the laser show ( Symphony of Lights ) behind it.

This looks almost surreal!

The Hong Kong Ferris Wheel – Night Photos

The Hong Kong Ferris Wheel is a new observation wheel along the waterfront on the Hong Kong Island.

It is the city’s response to England’s London Eye and the Singapore Flyer, which also provide some of the best panoramic views in their respective cities.CIMG7159A

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is 60 meters high and is easily reached with the MTR Central Station or the Star Ferry.

Here are two night photos.CIMG7468

One taken from across the harbour from the Kowloon side while the other one is a close up, taken in proximity to the ferries wheel.