The City at Night

People always wonder how you can squeeze more than 7 million people into the tiny place known as Hong Kong.

Here is a night view.

For sure, your eyes are first captured by the many blocks of residential buildings.img_0394

You will also see roads doing a zig zag, pedestrain links connect at a higher level or flyover snaking through  the available space at an upper level.

Also in the picture is a railway depot where rail lines terminate.

It has always been a busy city, even at night time.

It is truly a city of lights!

Camp Fire in Namibia

I asked my wife what are the most memorable moments apart from seeing the animals and the desert in Namibia.

She said it was the camp fire and the desert sky ( which is covered in a previous post ).P1030621

I like camp fires too – it reminds me of camping out when I was still young.

It gives you the warmth you need when the outside is cold and unknown.P1030569

Here are two pictures, one showing the camp fire and the other one of the same spot, in the day time.



Rhinos that Appear in the Night

This is a smartphone photo sent to me yesterday by my wife while travelling in Namibia.

Two rhinos appeared at the waterhole during the night.3d3ce1a9-9624-4d50-b172-a56a76c28662

The location is the Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Maybe the photo is not sharp enough as it was taken without much light and at a distance.

The wifi there is weak; nevertheless, I am happy to have received it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time ( Night & Day)

I never have the patience to take the same image during night time and also day time.

I have a couple of photos here taken at different locations, one during night time and one during daytime.10153816_837122682971540_353915063_n

The images show chandeliers. They stand out a lot during night time.

The image taken during day time shows a more tropical setting.DSCF6068

They are also called “hanging bells” in HK.

Please enjoy!

Milan Cathedral By Day and By Night

Various members of my family do like taking photos.

My brother likes uploading them to his Facebook to feature his travels.

My wife like taking photos with her iPhone but never bothers to publish them.IMG_0975

As mentioned in my earlier post, my wife and her dad are travelling in Italy and Switzerland, here are two pictures of the Milan Cathedral she sent me via the iPhone today:

Monochromatic views of the Cathedral at Milan at day time and also at night.IMG_0988A

Actually, I like both photos, their perspectives are quite different from those available on the internet.