Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate ( Chapel)

This picture was taken in Szentendre, Hungary.

I am sure very few readers would have seen it before, as photography in the chapel was prohibited.DSCF0193

As there were no signs, maybe only a notice in Hungarian, that photography was not allowed, I foolishly took this image.

Only to be warned by the staff there.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate ( Ancestral Hall )

All Chinese ancestral halls are ornate, but not excessively so.

This picture was taken at a quiet corner of the ancestral hall at Lung Yeuk Tau, New Territories in Hong Kong.DSCF0442

I like all the decorations of the roof; the only thing I have reservation is the black wall tiling.

For most ancestral halls, the walls are made of “green bricks”. Maybe, they are no longer available, they are now replaced by the black tiled walls. What a pity!

Weekly photo Challenge: Ornate ( Ice Carving )

Taking landscape pictures is my favorite hobby.

As such, I don’t have many close ups or pictures illustrating Ornate.11008633_1044598382223968_6320878186644004250_n

Here is one showing ice carving at Sapporo.

Colored light fell on the ice carvings; making them “ornate”.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate (Dragon)

Have shown some pictures of the Temple of the Ten Thousand Buddhas recently.CIMG7295

Here is another one which was taken of the roof in their temple up on the hills of Shatin, Hong Kong.

In the middle is the Golden Dragon; it looks so lively and full of vitality.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate (Ceiling)

This picture speaks for itself.

The roof is one of the very ornate ones which I have ever seen.DSCF6255A

The picture was taken in a temple dedicated to general Yuefei, while stopping by various places in my cruise trip on the Three Gorges.

A general who fought the Jin barbarians only to be recalled back by the emperor and finally executed.