5400 Miles in the USA ( Scenic Pacific Coastal Route)

This must be the most scenic coastal route in the States.

It has got everything a photographer would wish – fog, blue sky, deep blue sea, waves coming in and breaking before they reach the shore, empty beaches, flowers, rocky coast with rocks jutting out to the water and even elephant seals.CIMG5294

I am showing a sample of some of the scenes here with he intention of showing more in detail depending on blogger friends’ reaction.CIMG5330

This is the Pacific Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco. It is a costal route which you would like to drive on very slowly and hopefully you will never reach the end.CIMG5263

The several photos here will attest to the beauty.

The sea is just restless. Near the shore, this is where you can find many food chains – from planktons to fishes and birds etc. where a creature can find food but can also be become food for others!