Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( between Lake and Mountain )

This week’s photo challenge theme is Edge.

Here are a couple of photos taken in Jiuzhaigou, China.017

It shows a distinctly divided edge between the lake and the mountains.

Just like the Pamakule in Turkey, these are pools containing high levels of dissolved calcium contained within naturally formed levees of deposited limestone.018

Unlike Pamakule, this is at a very high altitude where normal breathing could be a problem.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet ( White Cotton Castle?)

Pamakkule is my favorite place for visiting in Turkey.

In Chinese, it is translated as White Cotton Castle.


From afar, the limestone terraces look like castles.


When we were there, we were allowed to walk inside the white terraces, provided you take your shoes and socks off.


What a one-off and interesting life experience with the white deposits under your feet!CIMG0254