The Impressions of Autumn (18)


Two years ago, I have a series known as The Impressions of Autumn.

I don’t think I have showcased all the photos.

This is a continuation of the series.dscf3360

The picture was taken in South Korea during Autumn.

I have never uploaded this photo as I think the pavilion in the lake is too colorful and artificial.

Nevertheless, the blue color of the roof of the pavilion is a good contrast to the colors of the foliage.

Autumn was everywhere.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Morning Walk )

I have always enjoyed my morning walks in the woods.

The air was fresh and the sun has just come up.cimg2911

We walked by the edge of the Liu Shui Heung reservoir in the New Territories of Hong Kong until we reached this pavilion.

The light momentously shone through the clouds and the trees.

What was revealed before us was glorious!

Weekly photo Challenge: Nostalgia ( Pavilion )

This week’s photo challenge is Nostalgia.

I have always associated pavilion with nostalgia.

In the modern built areas, we are building less and less pavilion.4290189150_20965bd575_o

This pavilion in the middle of West Lake, Hangzhou China is a classic example of the Chinese style pavilion.

The silhouette in the B&W picture  reminds me of days long gone.dscf6359

The colour picture is a picture I feel there is a big scope for improvement.

I like being able to access the pavilion through the stone bridge on water.

An Autumn Morning at the West Lake

It was a cold morning at West Lake, China.

The lotus have all weathered, leaving their stalks.4290189150_20965bd575_o

What attracted me most was the pavilion which seemed to have sprung over the tranquil lake water.

I like the silhouette of the whole thing which appeared before my weary eyes.

Is this from an Oriental fairy tale?

The Pavilion of Prince Teng – The Associated Buildings

While the main building was architecturally pleasing and interesting, the buildings and gardens on the side also appealed a lot to me.

After visiting the main building, I had a good look around  and captured this photo.DSCF1195

I like the series of pavilions cascading down, the corridors, the pond and footbridges.

Even the plants on the sides look beautiful.

I can appreciate how it was like to live as a Prince  in medieval China!

Pavilion of Prince Teng and the Roof

< 4 photos >

While in Nanchang, we have the chance of visiting the Pavilion of Prince Teng.

We were fascinated by the architecture, the art and the calligraphy writings for the pavilion.DSCF1183

What I found most interesting was the roof.DSCF1159

It was multi-colored, circular and adorned by lanterns.DSCF1186

Here are a few pictures showing the pavilion itself and the roof at different angles.

While the original building was not the original one, I was pleased thast in fact it reflects the architecture of the time.DSCF1188

According to Wikipedia:

The Pavilion of Prince Teng (滕王閣) or Tengwang Pavilion is a building in the north west of the city of Nanchang, in JiangXi province, China, on the east bank of the Gan River and is one of the Three Great Towers of southern China.

The other two are the Yueyang Tower and the Yellow Crane Pavilion. It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over its history. The present building was rebuilt in 1989 on the original site. The rebuilding plan was devised by the famous architect Liang Sicheng,and now the Pavilion of Prince Teng is the landmark of Nanchang. There are nine floors in total. The main architectural structure is in Song dynasty wooden style, showing the magnificence of the Pavilion.

Weekly Photo Challenges: Motion + Blur + Afloat

< A series of 5 Photos >

The recent and current themes of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenges are:

Motion, Blur and Afloat I am trying to combine these into just one series of pictures.DSCF0683

These pictures were all taken a fortnight ago  in the show The House of the Dancing Water in Macau.DSCF0684

Some of you may have seen my past posts showing water jets coming up, a pavilion coming up from the water and dancers dancing around the pavilion, all in splendid colors.DSCF0685

This series of photos are less colorful; the main color theme is blue.DSCF0686

They all show the pavilion gradually lowered into the water and finally disappear from the surface.DSCF0687

Water come gushing up, acrobats diving down into the water.

The blur in the images suggests motion.

The acrobats/ dancers are afloat either in the air, dancing up and down or finally plunge into water.

What a sight!

Langkawi – The Idyllic Island

We keep coming back to this island not just for the sun, sand and the sea but for the atmosphere and charms we have always enjoyed.  Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. The islands are a part of the state of Kedah, which is adjacent to the Thai border.

We hired a car and drove round this Jewel of Kedah. No matter where we went, we found pristine beach with white sand, tropical trees, limestone islands on the horizon and blue sky. While on this beach outside the Four Seasons Hotel, we felt the scorching heat of the sun, the white sands were dazzling reflective when we were out there but the white pavilion looked interesting and inviting.

This island seems to have something for everybody. If you like water sports then it is an ideal place to go. Each single  beach on this island is beautiful and unique in its own way. We have always loved beaches. Perhaps it’s the way the soft sand feels against your bare feet as you walk  along the waves. The sound of the waves brings a feeling of calm and you can  feel the stress fall away. The beach always instills a sort of “getting away from it all” feel.

Listening to the music of the waves as they splash the land is like listening to the beat of nature. The beach at Tanjung Ru was great! What more can you ask, lazing on the beach under an umbrella, while seeping a cold drink as  you watched the blue sea and, with absolutely nothing on your mind.

It was interesting to see that as the tide recedes, a sand bar appeared right before your eyes. The sea water became so shallow that you could wade through it to reach the otherwise unreachable islands at high tides. Have always loved beaches. . . . .  you can swim, bake and even write or draw anything in the sand.

The coastline is dotted with fishing villages too. Each beach has its own characteristics and its charm. For a change, it was pleasing to see the fishing boats and actually talked to the fishermen. Langkawi is traditionally known to be cursed. . . . . . what will it be liked if it is not cursed? A paradise?

We were somewhat fascinated with beaches and drove on to yet other beaches. When dusk finally came, we found ourselves alone on a beach, astounded by the hues of colors around us. We only wished this moment would last forever, at least, forever in our memories.