Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Flowers)


Peach blossoms and plum blossoms are my favorite flowers.

I have travelled to other countries just for the sake of seeing them in their full bloom.1531607_838880886129053_863925702_n

Here are two photos taken in Japan; one with a light background and the other with a dark background, but both are good examples of harmony.

The light one illustrates how this flower can be in harmony with the bamboo. It stands out but in harmony with the background.11146270_1079189038764902_6511822754414756882_n

The dark one shows how this flower can be in harmony with the flowing stream and the background.

Both photos were taken by my classmate YM Chan.

Please enjoy.


Second Day of the Lunar New year

< Two Photos>

For Chinese, the second day of the Chinese New Year is almost as important as the New Year’s Day.

During this festive period, homes are usually decorated with flowers and fruits.10171900_848369085180233_2268042995276656857_n

Peach blossoms symbolize growth, prosperity, long life and romance. Because they are associated with romance, peach blossoms are popular with singles who decorate them in the hope of finding love in the coming year.10294416_854140711269737_8352726331961035714_n

Here are two photos, one showing the peach blossom tree while the other the flowers.

Hope you like them 🙂