Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

I am afraid of submitting an entry for this week’s challenge: Humanity, as I don’t think I actually know its meaning.

Looking up the Wikipedia, Humanity means:

The virtue, humanity, is a set of strengths focused on “tending and befriending others.” The three strengths associated with humanity are love, kindness, and social intelligence. Humanity differs from justice in that there is a level of altruism towards individuals included in humanity more so than the fairness found in justice. That is, humanity, and the acts of love, altruism, and social intelligence are typically person to person strengths while fairness is generally expanded to all.

I have seen many entries with a bunch of people, spectators in the stadium, people on the street etc.DSCF0020

I am at a lost to reconcile that these represent humanity.

I know what this is not about – humanity is not just a bunch of people (as in my picture on Ju Ming’s sculpture).