Pencil Sketch and Photo – Hong Kong

I like doing pencil sketches when I was a kid.

I even ventured into drawing with charcoal pencils.

It would take me hours but I could be totally engrossed in it.

Even in my retirement, I no longer have the patience or mood of going back into pencil drawings.

As an alternative, I am now into photography, which gives me instant results of my work.

In lieu of pencil drawing, I am now into calligraphy.  As some readers said, it is like doing Tai Qi on paper.

Here are two photos. The pencil sketch one is converted from the color one by using a software.

I guess it will take me a life time to draw it with all the small details!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

This week’s DP challenge is Life Imitates Art.

Here are two images of flowers taken in Hokkaido, Japan.CIMG0157A

The first one looks like a painting. I will be exaggerating a bit if I say it is like a Monet.

In fact, it has been converted been  into an oil painting based on the second photo.CIMG0157

I like the layers of colors with the lavender layer at the very top.

Please enjoy!