The Original Photos

On reading my last post, many of my readers are interested in converting their photos to “oil paintings” and some have even kindly suggested alternative software.

Many commented that they like the converted Oils but suggested although the Oils are nice, the original photos  may be equally or even more attractive. To my surprise, one comment suggested that the photo on Fields of Gold on the way to Lithuania in some way resembles a Van Gogh!

My blogging friend Viveka suggested that I should also show the originals. I have therefore attached them below for comparison purposes. The photos are in the same order as presented in my last post.

By the Seaside on Hvar harbor, Croatia.DSCF0515

Waterfall in Plitvice Lake, Croatia.DSCF0363

Trees by the seaside in Hvar Island, Croatia.DSCF0610

Fields of Gold on the way to Lithuania, Baltic region.DSC_0265

At a restaurant in Budapest.DSCF0257

Rocks on the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.DSC_0560

Hope you enjoy perusing the photos!

From Photos to Oil Paintings

I have been experimenting the conversion of some of my photos into oil paintings using a free download software from the internet.

In my travels, there are many places where I would have liked to stop by, take a seat, take my brushes out  and paint. Unfortunately, I am no painter.

The process of converting the photos is fun. I am happy that, without being a painter, I can create some  impressionist “oil paintings” of the sceneries I like.

Here are some of the examples. Please enjoy.

By the sea in Hvar Harbor, Croatia.DSCF0515A

Waterfall at Plitvice Lake, Croatia.DSCF0363A

Trees by the Sea on Hvar Island, Croatia.DSCF0610A

Fields of Gold on the way to Lithuania, Baltic region.DSC_0265A

A restaurant in Budapest.DSCF0257A

Rocks on the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.DSC_0560A

I can’t help amazed at what computer technology can do for us and am thankful for that!