Sanqing Shan (13) – Mountains after Mountains

I was awed by the steepness of the mountains and the greenness of the pines when I was high up on Sanqing Shan.

To me, there were always layers of mountains in front of me. As I proceeded, one layer of mountain gave away to the other.DSCF0986A

On the bend of the trail, what I can see were steep mountains on either side, guarded by pine trees high up on each side.

But between them, there were layers of mountains yonder.


SanQing Shan (10) – Pines

< 4 photos>

Sanqing Shan is famous for its strange rocks, strangely shaped pines and the mist.DSCF0964

My four photos here will not do justice to the scenery there, but these are the best I have got, given the short stay there.DSCF0955

Many of the pines are older than 100 years.DSCF0962

They reach out for more sunlight, more air and moisture.DSCF1013

Sanqing Shan is a UNESCO site.

For those who are interested in learning more about Sanqing Shan and the pines, you are welcome to click the following Youtube link ( please note that the video is not prepared by me):