Weekly Photo Challenge: Path (4)

This week’s DP challenge is Path.

While visiting the Plitvice national Lakes in Croatia, we walked on this curvy path.

The boardwalks there bring us close to the waterfalls and other water features.dscf0358a

While my previous post shows a birds-eye view of the boardwalk; this photo shows a close up of the boardwalk.

The walk brought us a close view of the waterfalls; it was amazing!

The Serenity of Plitvice lakes

Waterfalls, trees, lakes and reflection seem to be the most common elements at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia.

Here is a photo that was taken at the lakes.DSCF0352

I like the serenity of the place and the green reflection.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity ( at some quiet corners )

<This post contains 3 photos>

Some beautiful and touristy places do have great views, some of them are serene too.

There are always places which are less traveled, less visited or secluded which offer a lot of serenity.

The three photos were taken in such quiet places.DSCF0389

The first one was taken in a quiet corner of the Plitvice Lakes park in Croatia. I always like trees reaching out to the water, with the water seems deep and unfathomable.CIMG5572

The second one was taken at a little river in the Ritsurin Garden at Shinkoku, Japan – everything seem very tranquil.CIMG0219

The last one was taken in the Central Park, New York with a masonry arch bridge behind it.

Maybe, you can decipher what are the common elements which contribute to serenity.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Not all mornings start with colors; although I prefer it that way.

Our mornings in Langkawi, Malaysia  have always started with colors. During the golden hours, the sky exhibited streaks of beautiful colors before it gave way to the orange color when the sun finally crept up in all its glory.DSC_0381

The views from our bungalow  in Langkawi was delightful. The image shows an adjacent bungalow in silhouette.DSC_0382

While in Hvar island, Croatia, I slipped out of the hotel early in the morning. Wandering down the harbor, I could see this only fisherman making preparation on his boat, before he set out for a fishing trip.DSCF0533

Our second day in Plitvice Lakes, Croatia started out as a misty day. The photo taken from the hotel window shows mist oozing out from the lakes below.DSCF0341

Coming back to the East, while cruising up the Yangtze River as part of the Three Gorges tour, again mist was all around. Early in the morning, all I could see from the ship’s deck was a sleepy village engulfed in mist.DSCF6134

Early one morning in the open grassland of Inner Mongolia, all I could see were horses grazing on the wide plains. It was an Autumn morning; much of the grass have turned yellow.DSCF2220

Looking out from my living room is a tennis court. The courtyard was still wet from the heavy rain which fell throughout the night. Up above the hills, the clouds were hanging low but the sun has just broken through. It seemed that the sun has finally won the tug of war, rays of light were emerging.CIMG1837

The last photo was taken during our early morning walk in the Liu Shui Heung raw water reservoir in Hong Kong. It is my ideal way of starting the morning. The sun is up and illuminated the pavilion and every plant and tree in the green surrounding.CIMG2911

If we are lucky, we may have more than 30,000 mornings in our lifetime. Just hope that all our mornings are full of joy and gratitude, before a new day is unfolded.