Church at Macau


I am not a fervent Catholic.

I know I do not have very strong faith; but I seek to be closer with God with each passing day.DSCF0783

The poor health and sufferings of the loved ones around me have brought me closer to the Lord.DSCF0784

I know God has His plan and may not agree with the things we ask for in our prayers.

Nevertheless, we pray, hoping that He may change his plan, hoping that those around us will suffer less and be closer to Him.

I like churches; I like the ambiance in the church; a place where I can sit quietly and pray; praying for those around us and indeed for the whole world.

Here are some pictures taken in the church, right in the center of the city in Macau.DSCF0785

I like altars, here are two pictures showing it.

I guess given Macau was a colony of Portugal, the churches may resemble some of those in Portugal.DSCF0786

Also shown is the interior and exterior of the church.

Hope you like them.