Charles Bridge, Prague

I didn’t take this photo.

Some 15 years ago, for the second time within a few days, I went back to the Charles Bridge to have another look.

The sun has already set and the place was a bit dark.

A vendor came to me asking whether I was interested in the photos he was selling.

Out of the photos, I was only interested in this one.

He told me he didn’t take the photo but his brother took it and developed it.

But who cared? Again, this is one of those photos mom has kindly preserved for me.

Thank you, mom!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare (Puppet Door )

This week’s theme for photo challenge is Rare.

I like seeing puppets; but they are getting very rare in the city I live.

I have this rare sighting in Prague.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

In a puppet shop, they have puppets hanging on two leaves of their shop door.

This is the largest number of puppets I have ever seen in the open.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

This week’s challenge is One Shot, Two Ways.

Not really in the mood for posting today as there are a few things bothering me. One of these is that the severe typhoon UTOR  is approaching. Typhoon signal No. 8 (highest number 10) is hoisted. But blogging is now a ritual. So here we go.

The challenger suggested that one way of doing it is to post a “landscape” photo alongside a “portrait” photo taken at the same spot. The following is my attempt.
Funny that I do not have a lot of “Portrait” photos! The set of images below are taken at the same location adopting both “landscape” and “portrait”.

The pictures below were taken in Tojinbo, Japan.  The cliffs are known for people jumping off for committing suicide.


As an IT dummy, I don’t even know how to properly put a “portrait” and a “landscape” photo side by side while leaving a margin in between

The pictures below were taken in JiuZhaiGou, China. They show the characteristic blue mineral rich water.0ec5e337-1f27-49b1-8ca7-97b4c249e71d

I think I have done a bad job of putting them together. There must be better ways of doing it.Somehow, they don’t seem to work very well. The next set of pictures was taken at a deep gorge in Yunnan, China.60b7fa69-8f8f-471f-91fb-278339254b42

The pictures below were taken in a restaurant in Budapest, Hungary.


I guess I better find out how to better presents sets of images like this next time.