Rain, Rain, Go Away

This year has already seen an unusual amount of rainfall.

As we sipped our tea on the 102 level of the building, we were dismayed by the heavy rain beating against the window pane.CIMG7847

This marred the otherwise fantastic view – this is the view from the tallest building in the area.

The rain drops have smeared the windows, making the views look uninviting.CIMG7848

As somebody with a craze for taking pictures, I wouldn’t mind taking photos of these; recording that the Lord has given me another blessed day.

The View from Floor 102

It has been raining for several days.

We were up on Floor 102 of the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong enjoying our lunch.

The weather was pretty bad and we couldn’t see a thing from the windows.

Then the sky suddenly cleared up.CIMG7829

There were still rain drops on the window pane.

The view of the Victoria Harbor from there was just magnificent.

The clouds beneath us together with the rain drops really add to the mood.

Wettest January

Last month has been the wettest January Hong Kong has seen since records began 132 years ago, the Hong Kong Observatory has announced.CIMG7818A

As of Friday afternoon, over 260mm of rainfall had been recorded, the Observatory said, making this month the wettest January since 1884. Previously, the wettest on record was January 1887, when 214.3mm of rain fell.CIMG7820

The first picture is the mist outside my window. I have changed it to Black and White to make it look more moody.

The second picture was taken in the portrait format. There were so many raindrops on my window pane.

Go away, El Nino!

Milford Track (Rain & Mist)

I think I would not attempt to hike the Milford Track in New Zealand.

I have made my decision after seeing this photo taken by my wife.IMG_0030

Mind you, this photo wasn’t taken as a Black and White photo.

This to me, seems too intimidating!