Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape ( Canola Flowers )

This time of the year several years ago, we walked among the fields of yellow flowers.

There were endless fields of canola or rape seed flowers.CIMG3300

Beyond the fields were small hills dotting on the horizon.

It was indeed a delightful stroll!CIMG3312

Maybe, it is time to take another walk among these fields in Luoping, China.

Weekly photo Challenge: Vivid (12)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Vivid.

I will not have WiFi or accessible to my PC for a week starting 10 June.DSCF3132

So please bear with me during this period.

I like this week’s theme very much and will try to upload my photos before 10 June.

Thank you 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur ( Luoping)

This may be a picture you saw in a dream. . . . . . .

Or maybe a picture you saw when you just woke up still trying to clear your eyes and come to your senses.DSCF3135A

But the truth is that this picture has been blurred using a software. I am not sure whether you like this and I am not too sure about it either!

The picture was taken in Luoping, Yunnan, China.