Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day ( Luoping)

We don’t have many days like this, wandering among endless fields of canola or rapeseed flowers.

This place at Luoping, Yunnan is a paradise for photographers.

You can shoot very wide fields of yellow flowers from many vintage points.CIMG3260A

Equally, you can walk into the canola field and shoot close ups.DSCF3133A

No matter which way you do it, it was a good day spending there, wandering around and having close encounters with nature.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist (Canola Flowers)

<This post consists of two photos>

I have always loved the yellow color.

To me, they represent hope and joy.

How joyous it is to gaze at a field of yellows flowers, while they sway gently in the wind.DSCF3147

The picture is taken in Luoping, China in one of those  trips to Guizhou and Yunnan.

I could forever gazing into these yellow flowers, without even lifting my eyes off.DSCF3132

Thank God for creating such flowers!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This week’s photo challenge is Focus.

The challenger showed two pictures with two different depth of fields to illustrate Focus. That is a relatively easy job.

I would think it is more difficult to come up with is a picture that viewers quickly recognize that  certain subject(s) is the Focus of the picture, without actually focusing it with a camera or without coloring the subject against a monochromatic background (which some clever photographers can do with a software).

Here are some photos which I would like to illustrate Focus.

My first image, taken in West Lake, China, focuses on the willow and tree on the left in the foreground. The background was hazy and soft.DSCF6343

The second photo was taken in Angkor Wat , Cambodia. The focus is on the nearby walls, the background of temple ruins are somewhat blur.DSC_0239

The third photo was taken inside a temple also in Angkor Wat. I focused on something which I don’t understand – these may be stoves in the temple kitchen. They stand out from the rest of the picture.DSC_0279

The last picture was taken in Luoping, Yunnan in China. Focusing on some rapeseed flowers means that other flowers in the field are not in focus.DSCF3147

It will be interesting to see how viewers see images – what they focus on and why!

Yellow Monday (6)

More yellow rapeseed flowers to brighten up on a Monday . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We were driven around in an environmentally friendly electrical cart, firstly up the Wan Feng Lin mountains in Yunnan (shown as an almost horizontal line mid-hill on the image) and then actually down to the yellow fields!DSCF3105

The fingers of  mountains rose quite steeply from the plains. . . . . . .  so steep as if they were unreal.  At the base, was a line of village houses.

The foreground was a bit blur, due to the movement of the electrical vehicle, but nevertheless, it is another sight we would remember for a long time to come.