Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

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It was the Spring of 2013 that we went to see the rapeseed flowers of Luoping in China. We were blessed to be there at the right time.CIMG3279 There were just endless fields of yellow flowers. Without a doubt, the sight of these yellow flowers were just uplifting . . . .  we were full of  joy!DSCF3131A PS For those who are interested, please visit my previous posts on the subject.

Yellow Monday (3)

While Christmas is usually associated with the red color, some people believe Easter is related to the yellow color:  the feathers, the daffodils and the chickens on the Easter cards.
In any case, yellow is usually related to the brightness of the sun; our joy and happiness.CIMG3279

For this week, the yellow rapeseed flowers at Luoping, Yunnan are still my favorite. What a joy it was to walk among the yellow fields!CIMG3263

While many tourists just walked along the main paths, some have actually ventured into the fields. It was a bliss to be in close contact with nature !